a kid on her dirt bike

Dirt Bikes for Kids: 2019 Comprehensive Buying Guide and Reviews

Getting the right kind of dirt bike for your kid can be quite challenging. In each case, there are a couple of factors that you need to take into account….

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backpacking travel pillow

Best Backpacking Pillow 2019 – Review & Buying Guide

Pillows are always underrated. Most backpackers don’t include them in their essential items during their expeditions. But in as much as they may seem as non-essentials pillows are very important….

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a backpacking couple looking at a map

Best Countries to Backpack

Backpacking is quite similar to hiking. The main difference is backpackers traverse great distances and is more of a cheaper cost adventure trip. As such, most backpackers carry all their…

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person riding mountain bike

Get the Best Out of Your Outdoor Cycling Exercises

Cycling exercises can help keep you in good shape. It is by far one of the best cardio exercises you can try out. Well, other than improving your overall cardio…

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backpacking couple

Backpacking 101

You may have at one time, or the other bumped into tourists or rather foreigners with large backpacks making their way on the streets. Well, those are backpackers. However, what…

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person cycling

Cycling To shed Extra Weight

Lately, most people have adopted sedentary lifestyles which isn’t healthy by all means. Additionally, family, work and relationship stress has also worsened the situation. As such, most people rarely find…

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