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Backpacking 101

You may have at one time, or the other bumped into tourists or rather foreigners with large backpacks making their way on the streets. Well, those are backpackers. However, what sets tourists and backpackers aside is the costs of traveling. Ideally, backpacking is often described as a low-cost traveling expedition.

A majority of backpackers always travel on a budget thus the reason most walk for long distances with their belongings. In most instances, backpackers could have left their jobs to fulfill their adventurous inner self.

The Different Types of Backpackers

The Couple

Will probably tell you they are trying to ignite that spark in their relationship. All in all, the backpacking couple spend most of their day sightseeing and enjoy the sceneries late into the night.

Divine Traveler

This kind of backpackers mostly clad in simple clothes -they aren’t that materialistic-. They mostly travel to learn more about other religions. Will most certainly spend their free time doing yoga or blogging about religion or culture of the place they are visiting.

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The Partyholic

They are most active at night hopping from one club to another. One significant feature about them is trendy clothes, and they never miss to wear dark shades.

The Digital Backpacker

Mostly young techies traveling with their baes – read laptop, camera, and iPad -. They will most certainly step in into a coffee shop and ask for the Wi-Fi password before placing their order.

Backpacking Tips

Since you now have a good idea of backpacking, let me share some tips should you consider going for a backpacking trip.

Don’t Carry Too Much Stuff

Well, one trick when packing for your trip is being as minimalistic as possible. No need for packing three pairs of shoes and flipflops. I bet you will find yourself spending the most time in flipflops. Just pack the essentials anything else you can buy it during the trip. Check out this interesting video from the Vaga Brothers.

You’ll Probably Need Earplugs

Backpackers always travel on a budget as such you will most definitely settle for the cheapest hostel you can afford. Sleeping in a bunker bed with strangers requires courage, yes you need courage trust me on this. Additionally, you will most certainly be treated to an orchestra of snorers and nocturnal farters, and this my friend is where your earplugs will come in handy.

Stick to Your Lane

Whenever you meet other backpackers, you’ll probably be treated to numerous tales of how they did this and that. The kind of stories that can make Chuk Norris look like a nobody. However, in as much as you may listen to the stories don’t indulge in mud slinging contests stay true to yourself.

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Be Polite

There are still good people on planet Earth. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, as long as you are humble and polite there must be one person out there willing to help you.

Watch Out For The Enticing Deals

Taxi drivers will most certainly throw good deals to take you round the most interesting places across town at a low price. Such trips may always end up with you and your mates being mugged. It is better to hire renowned travel companies should you want to tour specific places.

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