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Best Countries to Backpack

Backpacking is quite similar to hiking. The main difference is backpackers traverse great distances and is more of a cheaper cost adventure trip. As such, most backpackers carry all their belongings in a backpack alongside sleeping in bargain hostels to save up on cash. Check out our Backpacking 101 if you are new to backpacking.

Adventure lovers can try it because it is a great way of touring through a country or the globe if you are more adventurous. It is also good for your health because as you walk several miles you end up burning calories.

First, you need to carry your essentials like a backpacking pillow before stepping out. Additionally, it is best you do a little research of the country you are planning to visit beforehand. The following are the best countries to backpack.


Best Countries to Backpack 1
Patan Durbar Square, Nepal

The home to one of the tallest mountains in the world, Mount Everest, is one of the best places in the world you can visit. It is also home to the Garden of Dreams and borders countries like India. There are so many scenic views you can enjoy in this country during your backpacking experience. Some of the spots you can visit include the Patan Durbar Square, clock tower, Durga temple and the famous Shankar gate where Nepal meets India. You should definitely visit Nepal in your next backpacking retreat.


Best Countries to Backpack 2
El Hoyo Volcano, Nicaragua

There are several beautiful spots you can visit in this country. You can check out the El Hoyo Volcano, a Volcanic complex with numerous volcanic structures, or the Laguna de Apoyo which stuns many visitors because of its bright blue waters. The other place to visit in this country is the colonial buildings in Granada. It is one country where you can have a memorable backpacking experience. The best time to visit Nicaragua is through the months of December to February because of the favorable temperatures during that period.


Best Countries to Backpack 3
Old Town Jerusalem, Israel

The Middle East country is one of the best backpacker destinations you should try out. There are so many ancient and modern sites you will come across. It is one of the most famous biblical cities like Jerusalem among other locations you may want to have a look at in real life. The architecture in this nation is eye-catching. Also, the weather in its capital, Tel Aviv, is perfect for a backpacking experience. You can visit the Tel Aviv pride which happens in June and enjoy the pomp and color in the city.


Best Countries to Backpack 4
Food Market Chiang Mai, Thailand

Those who want to go backpacking in a green, tropical environment can settle for Thailand as their destination. Well other than sightseeing you’ll get to enjoy great food at low costs. You can sample the variety of recipes in this country. There are several roadside hotels where you can have a bite.

You can also visit different Buddhist temples and a wide array of traditional and modern architecture. There are several exotic islands in Thailand which you can pay a visit during your backpacking expedition. If you love to experience new culture, then Thailand can be a good place to go backpack. However, make sure you have enough money to fund your trip, Thailand is sick of backpackers begging money to get home. Hence, you might have to prove you have enough money before they let you into their country.


Best Countries to Backpack 5
Bali, Indonesia

Indonesia ranks as one of the best backpacking destinations especially if you are a beginner. Other than Bali, this Asian country boasts of a significant number of islands all of which are great places to visit. Besides that, food and drink prices in the markets and local cafes are low.

You can hire a motorbike for around $3 per day and hop from one amazing viewpoint to another.

While there you can take time to relax in the deserted beaches, travel across the country’s coastline or better yet go down to Lombok and trek on Mount Rinjani.


Best Countries to Backpack 6
Nairobi, Kenya

The African continent has quite a lot to offer for an average backpacker, and there is no better place to enjoy it all other than in Kenya. Backpacking around Kenya is dirt cheap, and you can easily get along off of less than $20 a day. A decent hotel with breakfast would set you back around $5 per night.

Moving on, the country has several game reserves and wildlife sanctuaries that are home to a variety of wildlife animals. Ps. You can also camp there.  Aside from that, there are great viewpoints along the legendary Rift Valley escarpment.

Entertainment in Kenya is also cheap, and its nightlife is also one you cannot afford to miss.


Best Countries to Backpack 7
La Paz, Bolivia

A list of the best backpacking countries can’t be complete without Bolivia. For just $130 you can go for a three-day Uyuni Salt Flats trip all expenses catered for. Herein, you’ll travel across the Bolivian Altiplano all the way to the Uyuni, and the sights are incredible. Besides that, you can take on a mountain hiking expedition which can take 4-7 days for around $110.

Hotels across this South American country are cheap as is food and drinks. If you love your bottle, alcohol prices in Bolivia are incredibly affordable.


Best Countries to Backpack 8
Tbilisi, Georgia

Most backpackers rarely visit Europe for fear of high hotel and food prices. However, Georgia offers the perfect value for money across Europe. You can take a 4-hour train ride for just $7. Besides that, food prices are also great at $6 will get you a hearty meal of impressive proportions. If you are on a tight budget, you can opt to buy street food which is way cheaper.

The country is working towards boosting its tourist industry. As a result, accommodation prices are low. Additionally, you can get to enjoy a number of tourist activities for free.

Sri Lanka

Best Countries to Backpack 9
Galle Dutch Fort, Galle, Sri Lanka

See if you want to enjoy a mix of both urban and rural lifestyle then Sri Lanka offers the best of both worlds. This Asian country is home to chaotic streets, tropical beaches, and a variety of wildlife species. If you are an animal lover, you can visit the Yala National Park and get treated to sights of buffalo herds grazing, a pack of leopards enjoying the midmorning sun amongst others.

You can head down to the coast for a swim or an exceptional surfing experience and if you are lucky you’ll get to sport the iconic blue whale.

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