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Dirt Bikes for Kids: 2020 Comprehensive Buying Guide and Reviews

Getting the right kind of dirt bike for your kid can be quite challenging. In each case, there are a couple of factors that you need to take into account. Factors such as the kid’s age, bike size, alongside other factors. Besides that, there are hundreds of options in the market. This makes shopping for a dirt bike a bit demanding.

Worry not. In this insightful buying guide, I will review the best dirt bikes for each age, and outline what to consider. Aside from that, this guide will also provide you with extra information on safety and maintenance tips. It will get you well versed on everything to do with dirt bikes for kids.

What is a Dirt Bike?

Most people can’t tell the difference between a regular motorcycle and a dirt bike. Well, despite both being two-wheeled, dirt bikes have different features. Ideally, dirt bikes are built using lightweight material and are fitted with unique suspension and tires for use in rough terrain.

Benefits of Kids Riding Dirt Bikes

  1. Boosts your kid’s self-confidence.
  2. Helps kids improve their balance and stability.
  3. It is a good way to train your kids on hands and eye coordination.
  4. Offers kids an opportunity to get outdoors and explore nature.
  5. It’s a fun activity for kids to undertake. Besides, you also get the opportunity to hang out with your kid(s).
  6. For youths, it’s a fun and positive way to keep them occupied.

Top 10 Best Dirt Bikes for Kids

Reviews of the Best Dirt Bikes for Kids

1. Taotao DB14 110cc Dirt Bike

The Taotao DB14 is a gas-powered dirt bike. It features 14″/12″ Big Front/Rear wheels making it a perfect fit for teenage kids who are 5ft or taller. Other than that, the bike weighs 154lbs and can hit a top speed of 40mph.

This bike is fitted with a high-performance 110cc air-cooled 4-stroke engine, to provide you with superior power and acceleration. All you need to do is get the perfect tuning and selection, and this engine will give your kid the ideal off-road riding experience.

What’s more, the engine is easy to maintain and operate, it only need a kick to the kickstart to get it up and running.

Moving on, this bike has an automatic transmission meaning the rider will only focus on riding rather than switching gears. This makes it a perfect fit for riders who are still getting to grips with shifting steps.

On matters speed, the Taotao DB14 has a top speed of 40mph. Well, it isn’t the fastest bike in its category, but 40mph isn’t bad either. According to the manufacturer, its top speed may vary depending on road condition, rider weight alongside other factors.

Its throttle is the regular twist handle operated throttle. So, the bike’s speed can be easily controlled using the up and down hand motion.

Safety features are always a great deal for any dirt bike. The Taotao DB14 is equipped with hydraulic disk brakes on its front and rear tires for efficient braking power. Its front brake is hand controlled while the rear is foot controlled. Next on, its seat is well padded for a pleasant riding experience on bumpy terrains. Lastly, the bike has dual hydraulic fork suspension on its front. It also has a firm mono suspension at the back for improved handling and smooth riding on rough terrains.


  • Its automatic transmission is great for newbie riders.
  • An easy to maintain air-cooled gasoline engine.
  • Easy to start kick start.
  • It features exceptional safety features.


  • To fast to be used as a starter bike.

2. Razor Dirt Rocket SX500 McGrath Electric Motocross Bike

Razor hooked up with one of the best motocross riders in history, Jeremy McGrath to build the Dirt Rocket SX500. Like its name, this bike is as fast as a rocket.

Aside from the original McGrath graphics, this is one bike that stands out from the crowd. It peaks up to 17mph at full throttle. Additionally, this electric powered bike is easy to handle and clean making it ideal for kids.

Starting us off, this electric bike is powered by a 36V lead-acid battery. It requires 12 hours to fully charge. At full charge, it is capable of running for 40 minutes straight before running out of juice. The battery is sealed lead complete with a casing for improved safety.

What’s also great about this electric powered dirt bike is that maintenance is easy. So, you won’t have to worry about getting your hands dirty and oily.

The Razor Dirt Rocket SX500 McGrath is packed with some decent features.

First off, it features an authentic dirt bike frame geometry and supercross-inspired styling. This makes it a generous fit for off-road rides.

Next on. The bike is fitted with a variable speed, high torque chain driven motor. It also has twist grip acceleration control for efficient operation.

On to matters safety, Razor has done a decent job on the Razor Dirt Rocket SX500. Here in, the bike has a dual suspension system to ensure a smooth, comfortable ride. Even on the roughest terrains.

It has hand operated dual disc brakes for smooth braking. Other than that, the bike’s handlebars are adjustable, a good fit for beginners who are a little bit taller. It has 16 inches front and 14 inches rear pneumatic knobby tires for maximum power transfer. And to stamp its mark as a motocross beast.


  • Excellent dirt bike frame geometry.
  • Folding metal foot pegs convenient for propping the bike and easy to release and take off.
  • Shatter-resistant plastic covers.


  • Not suitable for very young kids.

3. Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Bike

Razor MX350 is powered by a 24V sealed rechargeable lead-acid battery system. The system takes an average of 5 hours to charge. When fully charged it can last up to 35 minutes of continuous use.

This bike features a quiet, single speed, chain driven motor with a twist grip throttle control. So, you don’t have to worry about your neighbors lodging noise complaints when your kid is having a ride around the neighborhood.

It is also fitted with a dual suspension system that makes this bike a joy to ride in the rough and bumpy terrains.

Its handlebars are fitted with rubber grips for comfort and are fully adjustable. Meaning you can raise them as you deem fit when your kid grows.

Next on, it features varied speed options ensuring your kid can keep on enjoying him/herself. The MX350 is fitted with 12″ tires, front and back. Besides that, the tires are pneumatic and ridged for efficient power transfer.

Assembling this bike is pretty simple, and it only takes 15 minutes to set it up. Tthere is an instruction manual to help you through in case you come across any challenges.

Well, other than the bike parts, you will also get some few tools. These are two Allen wrenches (5mm and 6mm), 10 mm wrench, and spoke tightener.

Other features are; folding foot pegs for supporting the bike when not in use, a charging system, and a retractable kickstand.


  • Easy to handle.
  • Durable build.
  • Adjustable handlebars.


  • Lacks throttle modulation.

4. XtremepowerUS 49CC 2-Stroke Gas Power Mini Pocket Dirt Bike

This bike from XtremepowerUS is great for 13-year-old kids and above. It features a sturdy yet aesthetic build. Meaning your kid will enjoy their off-road rides while looking cool.

Well, don’t let its miniature size fool you. This bike is fitted with some pretty decent features to ensure the rider’s safety, while enjoying reasonable speed thrills.

Top of the list, it is powered by a 49cc 2-stroke gas-powered engine which provides a strong kick. This bike is capable of hitting speeds of up to 20mph depending on the type of terrain.

Another noteworthy feature is the bike’s frame which is built out of high-quality steel to ensure extra stability and durability.

For safety and control purposes, this dirt bike is designed with hand-operated front and rear brake discs. They offer smooth braking when needed. Additionally, it features sizable inflatable knobby tires and twist-grip throttle. So your kid can stay in control of acceleration while having an easy time maneuvering the bike.

We are not done yet. Next on its list of safety features is an anti-vibration system. It protects your kids from injuring themselves when going over dips and bumps. This system consists of superior front hydraulic and back spring suspensions. It offers a very smooth riding experience.

Most people tend to be afraid of gas-powered dirt bikes due to gas consumption. Nonetheless, that should be least of your worries as this little beast can cover close to 20 miles on a full tank.


  • Sturdy and durable build.
  • It is lightweight making it ideal for kids aged 13 and above.
  • Pretty decent cruising speed for a bike its size.


  • Its trinket is prone to breakage.
  • Lacks a throttle control option.

5. Best Choice Products 6V Kids Electric Battery Powered Ride-On Dirt Bike

Well, this isn’t an off-road bike per se, but if you can’t go to the tracks why not bring the track home to your backyard. I bet this six-wheeler designed to mimic a real off-road monster will leave your kid feeling like the real Jeremy McGrath.

The bike is built out of ABS plastic and weighs close to 20.3lbs making it an excellent fit for kids aged three years. It has an on-off switch to get it started which is an excellent fit as most 3-year-old can hardly kick.

This battery-powered ride-on bike is fitted with training wheels. The wheels are customized to improve your kid’s safety. It also aids the kids to work on their hand-eye coordination, develop their balance and motor skills while building their self-confidence in readiness to roll with the big bikes.

This backyard beast is powered by a rechargeable 6V battery capable of running for several hours before running out of juice. It is shipped alongside a charger so don’t bother buying one.

Other features include fully functional headlights and colorful labels complete with inbuilt music to create that realistic feel. It also has an exhaust pipe and treaded tires to complete its motocross feel.

The 6V Kids Electric Battery Powered Ride-On Dirt Bike can hit a top speed of up to 2mph which isn’t bad for a ride around the backyard.


  • Excellent build and design.
  • Safety wheels help the kid improve their riding skills and self-confidence.


  • 3 mph may soon become too slow for your kid over time.
  • Its build isn’t durable.

6. DR-X Kids Dirt Bike Holeshot-X 50cc Gas Power Mini Dirt Bike

This kids dirt bike is a real beast, powered with a pretty decent engine and a high-quality build to top it all off. The bike is lightweight tipping the scales at 28kg when on a full tank. It has a seat height of 20″ perfect for a rider aged six years and above.

The Holeshot-X is powered by a 50cc 2-Stroke engine. It’s capable of hitting top speeds of up to 24.9mph which is quite fast in comparison to other bikes in its category.

This dirt bike is also fitted with a speed limiter to boost its safety. Additionally, there is a safety kill switch that instantly stops the engine in case of a fall.

DR-X Kids Dirt Bike Holeshot-X is a speedster thus to ensure rider’s safety; it is fitted with durable front and rear disk brakes, for smooth braking and control.

Aside from that, the bike is also equipped with a sturdy rear suspension for comfortable riding on rough terrains. The bike is shipped 85% preassembled, all that’s remaining is mounting the front wheel, handlebar, and the fender and all is set.

Additional items shipped along the bike include an instruction manual, decals, and a toolset.


  • Top quality build.
  • The safety switch is a real savior in case the rider falls off.
  • Decent speed for a bike its size.


  • Maintenance can be tricky.
  • Doesn’t have adjustable handlebars.
  • Too fast to be used by newbie riders.

7. TAO Dirt Bike DB10

The Tao DB10 dirt bike is a well known brand. Thanks to its power, dependability, and state of the art safety features. It has a seat height of 26 inches and weighs 126lbs which is quite heavy. Nonetheless, this is partly due to its sturdy and high-quality frame.

This little dirt bike is powered by an air-cooled 110cc four-stroke engine with 6.4 horsepower. The Tao DB10 is started via a kick start and is fitted with a controlled speed governor for safety purposes. Using the speed governor, you can tone down the bike’s speed form its maximum 22mph all the way down to 5mph.

Its rear tire features a foot-controlled drum brake. The front has a hand controlled hydraulic disc brake for close control and efficient riding. Similar to Taotao DB14, this bike also has automatic transmission. Perfect fit for beginners to focus on eye and hand control without worrying about shifting gears.

Other features on this bike are double shocks on its front wheel and single rear shocks. This makes sure kids have the shock absorption needed for off-roading. Moreover, its tires are ridged all so the rider can have a smooth and comfortable ride even on the bumpiest trails.


  • Decent speed.
  • The speed governor is an excellent safety feature.
  • Durable thanks to its high-quality frame.
  • Automatic transmission for simple riding.


  • A little too fast for beginners.

8. Moto Tec 24v Electric Dirt Bike

The Moto Tec is an electric powered dirt bike fitted with some cool features. The bike weighs 66lbs and has a seat height of 23” perfect for a 13-year-old or above.

This electric bike hits a top speed of 16mph. However, for safety reasons, it is fitted with an adjustable speed limiter. With this you can select and set the top speed at 5mph, 10mph or the maximum 16mph (denoted by L, M, and H for High, Low, and Medium).

Once you’ve set the maximum speed, you can then lock it that using an extra key provided. Besides that, there is another key for turning the bike on.

Moto Tec is powered by two 12V batteries which take 9-12 hours for a full recharge. When fully charged the batteries could last for half an hour of continuous riding at top speed. Other features include; ridged inflatable tires for exceptional ground clearance and maximum power transfer.

The bike is also fitted with front and rear disk brakes both hand-operated for easy maneuvering and braking.

Next on, the bike’s suspension system consists of dual front shocks and a single shock at the back. So, you won’t have to worry about your kid outgrowing it. The bike is fitted with adjustable handlebars that you can extend as you deem fit. Finally, the bike’s frame is built using high-quality steel with aluminum rims capable for durability.


  • Durable build.
  • The adjustable speed limiter is an excellent safety feature.
  • Adjustable handlebar.


  • Poor turning radius.

9. Flying Horse 49cc 2 Stroke Gas Powered Mini Dirt Bike

The Flying Horse 49cc mini-dirt is an excellent low maintenance and a quality bike. It’s designed for young riders who are new to riding.

The bike features a lightweight design and weights roughly 49.4lbs making it easy to maneuver. It is powered by an air-cooled 49cc 2-stroke engine which provides tremendous power. For improved power transmission, the bike features a tuned expansion chamber.

Besides that, it is coupled with a fully automatic transmission. So newbie riders will focus on riding the bike without worrying about shifting gears.

Another significant feature is the centrifugal clutch and pull start mode that makes this bike easy to start and ride. Its throttle is twist grip controlled, so once you have the engine up and running, twist the throttle to start moving.

Safety features are always an essential aspect of any dirt bike. In this case, the Flying Horse 49cc is equipped with front and rear hand operated disk brakes for smooth braking and maneuvering when at top speed.

In addition, it is fitted a dual hydraulic suspension system at the front and a single spring suspension at the back. This allows for smooth and comfortable riding in rough terrains.

The bike is shipped 90% pre-assembled, so once you unpack all you have left is to tweak the handlebars, tighten the nuts for your wheels, fine-tune the brakes, gas it up, and this monster is ready to be taken out for a spin.


  • Lightweight build.
  • Automatic transmission.
  • Excellent suspension system.


  • Its pull-cord isn’t durable.

10. SkullRacing Gas Powered Mini Dirt Bike Motorcycle 50RR

If you are looking for a bike to dominate youth motocross competitions, then the this is what you should buy. This bike is fitted with some decent features complete with a lightweight design making it a monster on the trails.

Top of its list of features, the bike is powered by a powerful gas-powered 49cc two-stroke engine. Its chassis is built using lightweight material for controllable power and exceptional handling. The bike is capable of hitting top speeds of over 35mph an excellent pick for kids who are into motocross racing.

It uses a spring-loaded pull starter to rev the engine to life. It doesn’t require too much effort, and a teenager can pull it with ease.

So, you don’t have to worry about safety issues when your kid is cruising around with this mini beast.

It has a speed governor to keep the bike’s speed in check depending on your kid’s skill level. It is also equipped with front and rear disk brakes for easy stopping and control.

The bikes front forks are designed for performing at the highest level even in the roughest of terrains. The rear is fitted with a single-shock system combined with a fully adaptable spring preload. Lastly, its handlebars are adjustable.

The bike isn’t fully assembled when shipped so you’ll have to put on some final touches before using the bike.


  • High speed for those who are into racing.
  • The speed governor is an excellent safety feature.
  • Awesome suspension system.


  • Not a great fit for newbie riders.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing Dirt Bikes for Kids

If you are new to dirt bikes, you’ll probably be hit with a flurry of questions. Engine, starter, and transmission type are an example of some of the factors you have to consider. Without further ado, let us get right into it.

Engine Type: 2-Stroke vs. 4-Stroke

Kids’ dirt bikes are either two-stroke or four-stroke, and it’s vital you know everything about the two before making a purchase.

For first time riders, a 4-stroke engine is the way to go; this is because this type of engine transmits power for every two rotations of the crankshaft. With this, your kid will experience a reduced number of scary stop-starts when upping the throttle in exchange for smoother acceleration.

On the other hand, a 2-stroke engine generates power with every rotation of the crankshaft delivering higher power to weight ratio.

As a result, a 2-stroke engine has fewer moving parts translating to a lighter dirt bike. Additionally, 2-stroke engines have a much powerful kick in their step at a high rev range. Nonetheless, they are tricky to control at low speeds than the 4-stroke counterparts.

Electric vs. Kickstart

Electric starters are a common feature in most dirt bikes because they are easy to operate. Nonetheless, kickstarts are the standard once you move to more powerful dirt bikes. Incidentally, if you go for older dirt bike editions, most of them feature the kickstart.

Here is a short clip showing the two types of starters.

[arve url=”https://youtu.be/OZ089qGRwow” /]


Most kids’ dirt bikes are usually fitted with an automatic clutch. With an automatic transmission, your kid only focusses on balancing, maneuvering and building their overall self-esteem before having to work out changing gears manually.

Once the kid has mastered proper riding techniques, it’s then that you can start considering getting a manual transmission dirt bike.

With that they will learn how to shift gears. Aside from that it also preps them to ride more prominent and more powerful bikes when they reach of age.

Age Guide

Dirt Bikes for Kids: 2020 Comprehensive Buying Guide and Reviews 31
A boy riding a mini dirt bike

Nowadays, even two-year-old toddlers are being introduced into dirt biking. Nonetheless, for your dirt biking protégé to turn into a success story, finding the right bike for the right age is a very vital factor.

Below 3 Years (Toddlers)

Some people may consider it a health and safety hazard letting a kid this young ride on a motorized bike. However, with the right safety features, it is a perfect opportunity to let your kid explore their other side.

For instance, with a top speed of 2mph the Best Choice Products 6V Kids Electric Battery Powered Ride-On Dirt Bike is a good starter bike. Kids get a chance to work on their motoring skills setting themselves up to operate more powerful bikes once they gets older.

3 to 6-Year-Old

At age three a bike with an electric start and a max speed of 3mph is a good bet. Additionally, you can attach supporting wheels on until the kid is comfortable enough to ride around without them.

However, once they outgrow that you can consider a more powerful bike, top speed should be well below 10mph for safety purposes.

7 to 9-Year-Old

At this stage, your kid will probably have developed excellent bike handling skills. Herein, a 50cc bike, gas or electric powered will suffice. Since by this age they’ll have strong legs you can also opt for one with a kickstart.

10 to 11-Year-Old

Fully fledged rider if he/she has been biking for a few years. Kids with biking experience can take on bikes within the 50cc to the 70cc range.

12 Years and Above

It is not uncommon to find experienced riders within this age bracket taking on up to 250cc dirt bikes. However, the perfect fit is one between 50-125cc.

Safety Tips

With dirt bikes, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. As such, it is critical that you invest in top quality gear that’ll help limit the impact of injuries to your kid in case of a crash or fall.

When purchasing safety gear for your kids, ensure that it fits well and will not affect your kid’s ability to ride the bike. Additionally, don’t go for used gear in the name of saving money. Here is a list of safety gear you need to get.

  1. Gloves to protect the palms from getting blisters.
  2. Goggles will come in handy for preventing dust, insects and other airborne particles from entering the rider’s eyes. Besides, they will also prevent your kids from suffering from dry eyes.
  3. Helmet for head protection.
  4. Knee braces and elbow pads to protect riders from grazing their knees and elbows when maneuvering turns or in case of a crash.
  5. Bike riding boots.
  6. A bike riding suit, best bet, go for one with fire-resistant properties.

Maintenance Tips

Gas Powered Bikes

For a new gas-powered bike or one that hasn’t been used for a long time, ensure you prime the carburetor before starting it. Besides, if it has run out of gas or has suffered from a cold engine, priming the carburetor is still vital. Other than that, make sure the moving parts are well lubricated.

Electric Powered Bikes

Electric bikes are easier to maintain. Nonetheless, ensure to charge it for the recommended hours for the first time. Also, do charge the battery once every month when it’s not in use.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I prevent the engine from freezing?

So that the piston and needle bearing areas are well lubricated, always ensure you maintain proper engine oil levels at all times. Besides, ensure that you use the required gas/engine oil mixture as recommended by the manufacturer.

The electric start doesn’t work?

A common cause for this could be that the fuse or electric start itself is burnt. Other reasons are that the bike could be out of charge or the ignition switch is faulty.

Bike isn’t charging?

Troubleshoot the charging system for any faulty wires if possible. Otherwise, let a professional repair it.

The bike’s brakes are too tight?

You can adjust this from the handbrake area via the handlebar or through the wheel region.

The battery doesn’t last long. What are the reasons?

Using the headlights when not necessary, avoid this as it will drain the battery faster. Also, avoid overcharging the battery. Additionally, even if the bike isn’t being used -for the electric powered type- ensure that you charge once a month.

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