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The Best Fly Fishing Books Reviewed 2020

Being an expert in fishing on the fly is always a dream of many novice fishermen. However, to transition from a novice to an expert fly-fisher requires reading the best fly fishing books and practice. And no, fly fishing isn’t about throwing your line into the water waiting to catch fish. It’s an art, an art that involves getting in sync with nature and relying on your instincts.

At times, drawing a blank does happen even to the very best anglers. Therefore, it is always essential that you keep yourself at per with the current in the art of fly fishing. There is no better way to achieve this other than signing up and going through fishing blogs and forums. Better yet, you can grab yourself books on fly fishing.

Here are the best fly fishing books that will help your finesse the art of catching fish with a fly.

Best Fly Fishing Books

Reviews of The Best Fly Fishing Books

1. The Little Red Book of Fly Fishing

Authors: Charlie Meyers and Kirk Deeter

The Little Red Book of Fly Fishing

Charlie and Kirk team up to piece up little bits of advice and tips about fly fishing. Both old and new school fly fishing techniques are covered in this book. Aside from fly fishing, you will also come across stuff about trout-fishing.

Boasting of two-hundred plus tips on fly fishing, The Little Red Book of Fly Fishing is a good read for both pro and beginner fishers.

2. The Orvis Fly Fishing Guide

Author: Tom Rosenbauer

The Orvis Fly-Fishing Guide

The Orvis Fly Fishing Guide is a bestseller and is a must-have for any person who is gunning to be a pro-fly-fisher. It is filled with all the essential and pro tips that will help improve your fishing skills.

You’ll come across info on how to select your tackle, tie your knots and much more. Besides, the book is also lined up with high-quality images on fly fishing.

If you want to stay ahead with all information about fly fishing, then The Orvis Fly Fishing Guide is one book you shouldn’t miss. Aside from fly fishing, the author shares extra info on other important topics. These include conservation, fishing-etiquette, and giving back to nature.

3. The Total Fly Fishing Manual

Author: Joe Cermele

The Total Fly Fishing Manual

Joe did an excellent job. He creatively built an impressive 307 tips and tricks on fly fishing from the very best. You’ll come across almost everything from reviews on fishing gear to tips on fishing in both fresh and salty waters.

The book is well arranged. It has unique sections devoted to the best fishing gear, notes, flies, reels, and much more. You will also get more insight into water reading skills and night fishing techniques.

Armed with your copy of The Total Fly Fishing Manual, rest assured you will soon turn out to a better angler.

4. Fifty Places to Fly Fish Before You Die

Author: Chris Santella, Mike Fitzgerald, R. Valentine Atkinson (Photographer)

Fifty Places to Fly Fish Before You Die

This book sums up all the best fishing spots worldwide. A title of the Fly Fishing Bucket List well describes the content of this book. Inside it, Chris and Mike illustrate the beauty of fishing in remarkable locales.

Some of the spots are recommendations from legendary anglers such as Lani Waller. This book will give you in-depth insight, especially if you’re planning to go for a fishing trip.

5. How to Fly Fish for Trout: The First book to Read

Author: Tom McCoy

How to Fly Fish for Trout: The first book to read

Many books on fly fishing have been critiqued for providing “too much info” to novices. However, Tom McCoy has received plaudits for the quality info he shares with beginner anglers. The book contains the exact amount of information you need to read as a novice fly-angler.

This book is a good stepping stone into the art of fly fishing. Once you’ve grasped the content provided, then you will easily comprehend info in more advanced books.

In the last chapter titled Fish Tales, Tom shares personal narratives. These narrative range from tactics to techniques as well as some of his best fishing spots.

6. The Complete Book of Fly Fishing

Author: Tom McNally

The Complete Book of Fly Fishing

This book takes you through different fishing techniques while also dishing out pointers on the best gear to use. Additionally, it also covers everything you need to know about saltwater and freshwater fly fishing.

The book is also laden with photos, diagrams, and charts, all of which make up for an excellent visual read.

Another standout feature about this book are the chapters where McNally talks on everything knots and leader design. This is something most fishing books leave out.

7. How to Improve your Fly Fishing and Catching

Author: Tom McCoy

How to Improve your Fly Fishing and Catching

Tom McCoy makes another cameo. Once again, sharing tips to help you improve your fly fishing skills. Inside it, you’ll come across 30 well detailed simple steps that will help you catch a trout at the right moment.

It’s also a good book if you’re getting into fly fishing. Another huge plus is, the author also suggests other books for further reading.

8. The Bluegill Diaries: A Fly Fishing Chronicle

Author: Terry and Roxanne Wilson

The Bluegill Diaries: A Fly Fishing Chronicle

The Bluegill Diaries is an entertaining read from Terry and Roxanne Wilson. The book is a combination of over 4000 fishing trips by the couple in their search for the real bluegill. Terry and Roxanne retell their experiences, sharing their successes and failures in equal measure.

Also, the couple share tips on how they overcame different challenges during their fishing endeavors. This is an excellent read in your quest to be a better angler and also as a source of motivation.

9. History of Fly Fishing in Fifty Flies

Author: Ian Whitelaw

History of Fly-Fishing in Fifty Flies

Fly fishing has been in existence for a long time now. Ian Whitelaw does a remarkable job; sharing in-depth information about the evolution of fly fishing. The information shared is relevant to both experienced and beginner anglers.

He also goes further ahead to discuss the top fifty flies, ensuring you understand tying tips and the fishing techniques.

You’ll also come across profiles of significant people who played a vital role in the evolution of fly fishing techniques. Understanding the history of an art or sport you’re in or interested to get into, is a show that you appreciate it.

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