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Top 10 Best Instant Tents in 2020 – Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

Outdoor camping provides an excellent avenue to enjoy what nature has to offer. You also get a chance to put your survival skills to the task, one of the reasons why camping is good for you.  If you are looking to go for a camping trip, you’ll probably need to get yourself an instant tent to go with. Here is our comprehensive buying guide and reviews of the best instant tents you can buy this year.

What’s an Instant Tent?

One significant advantage of instant tents is that they are the easiest tent to set up by yourself. Unlike with the old tent designs that usually take up a lot of time, and need more than one person.

Instant tents come with pre-attached poles. All you have to do is unpack, extend the poles until they click in position. Finally secure the tent using guy lines and tent stakes. Other than that, instant or pop up tents are lightweight and quite portable.

Best Instant Tents Comparison

Floor Space:10 x 9 ft
Center Height: 6 ft
Set Up: 60 sec

Floor Space: 11 x 9 ft
Center Height: 6 ft
Set Up: 60 Sec

Floor Space: 9 x 7 ft
Center Height: 2.5 ft
Set Up: 30 Sec

Floor Space: 9.5 x 6.5 ft
Center Height: 4.2 ft
Set Up: 15 Sec

Floor Space: 14 x 10 ft
Center Height: 6.5 ft
Set Up: 60 Sec

Floor Space: 14 x 19 ft
Center Height: 6.5 ft
Set Up: 40 Sec

Floor Space: 14 x 10 ft
Center Height: 6.5 ft
Set Up: 30 Sec

Floor Space: 9 x 6.5 ft
Center Height: 4 ft
Set Up: 15 Sec

Floor Space: 13 x 9 ft
Center Height: 6.8 ft
Set Up: 9 min

Floor Space: 10 x 7.9 ft
Center Height: 4.8 ft
Set Up: 30 Sec

Best Instant Tents Reviews

1. Coleman 6 Person Instant Cabin Tent

The Coleman 6 Person Instant Cabin Tent is built out of premium quality polyester material. It measures 10 x 9 feet with a 6-feet center height.

Its interior is spacious enough, capable of fitting 2 Queen size air mattresses or can sleep up to 6 people. This makes it the perfect fit for family camping trips. It also has built-in storage pockets to help you keep your items organized.

With its pre-assembled poles, setting up the Coleman 6 Person instant tent is pretty straightforward. You can have it up and ready within a minute. The setup process involves a three-step process; unfolding, extending, and securing.

With this tent you are assured of staying dry and comfortable during rainy nights. This is due to its WeatherTec system design that features a patented welded floor fitted with inverted seams to help keep water out.

Besides that, there is an inbuilt vented rainfly that offers extra protection from the rain. It improves airflow without the need for additional assembly.

In matters durability and reliability, it is built using Rugged Polyguard 2X double-thick fabric.

The tent is also equipped with the darkroom technology that blocks an impressive 90% of sunlight from entering the tent. It also reduces temperature buildup by up to 10%. Thanks to this technology, you can catch some cozy nap at any time of the day.

It also comes with its expandable carry bag for secure packing until the next adventure.


  • Easy setup.
  • Durable thanks to its rugged build.
  • 100% waterproof.
  • Comfortable construction.


  • Not so excellent packing size limits it from being a backpacking companion.
  • Slightly heavy.
  • Cannot withstand extremely harsh weather conditions.

2. CORE 6 Person Instant Cabin Tent

The CORE 6 Person Instant Cabin Tent packs some excellent features complemented with an aesthetic build. To start us off, this instant cabin tent has an impressive 6 feet center height with an 11 x 9 feet floor space. It’s large enough to fit two queen air mattresses or up to six campers in sleeping bags.

With this cabin instant tent, you don’t have to worry about sweating during warm nights. This is because the tent is fitted with large mesh roof vents, lots of windows, and adjustable ground vents for sufficient aeration.

In addition, the tent is built using the standout H2O block technology design. This design features the following;

  • Rain resistant door and window seals.
  • Sealed seams and fully taped rain fly.
  • Water repellent fabrics.

Taking a look at its interior design, the CORE 6 has an integrated gear loft with quite a good number of storage pockets for storing your items.

Next on, it is fitted with a “D” shaped door which makes for easy accessibility. Its floor is built using tough polyethylene floor capable of withstanding high pressure. This is great especially if you have playful children around.

The tent is also fitted with a lantern hook and an electric cord port. It makes it easy for the passage of any cables without allowing entry of insects or moisture into the tent.

Armed with a handy-dandy setup manual and pre-assembled steel pole system, setting up this tent is pretty effortless. It only takes a minute. All you need to do once you have unpacked your tent is, unfold its legs, and extend until the poles “click” into position.


  • Cozy construction.
  • Easy setup, also comes with a setup manual.
  • Fitted with wall pockets and a gear loft for storing items.
  • Water repellent fabric.


  • A curved zipper on the door is quite tricky to operate.

3. CORE 4 Person Instant Dome Tent

If you are looking for a mid-size instant tent, then the CORE 4 Person Instant Dome Tent is one of the best options. It’s perfect for backpacking, car camping or any other camping excursions.

The tent is built for durability subject to its 100% high-quality polyester fabric. It has a 4.5 feet center height with a 9 x 7 feet floor space, spacious enough for one queen size bed or can sleep up to 4 people.

Taking a look at its interior design and features, you’ll notice the tent is fitted with a lantern hook. There is also an electric cord access port that can be closed fully when not in use. To ensure the tent looks neat and tidy, it is equipped with pockets and a gear loft for you to store your items.

Like other CORE instant tents, this tent is also built using the H2O block design. It features a fully taped rain fly and sealed seams, water repellent fabric, and rain resistant windows and door seals.

It is also fitted with modifiable air intake vents and a mesh ceiling to ensure that you are comfortable at all times when inside the tent. The air intake vents suck in fresh air from the ground while the mesh ceiling allows hot air to escape the tent.

The tent also has the characteristic “D” style door for easy entry and exit. So, you don’t worry about wear and tear on your tent’s floor it is built out of durable polyethylene material that can withstand high amounts of pressure.

Fitted with an already preassembled frame system, setting up the CORE 4 Person Instant Dome Tent is easy and takes only a paltry 30 seconds. Finally, the tent comes with a carry bag for storage and easy mobility.


  • Excellent ventilation.
  • Waterproof.
  • Durable.
  • Small packing size makes it ideal for backpacking.


  • Door zipper can be challenging to operate.

4. Oileus XL Instant Popup Camping Tent

The Oileus XL is jam-packed with a host of top-quality features that makes it stand out as one of the best instant popup camping tents available. The tent has a floor size of 9.5 x 6.5 feet, enough room to accommodate 5-6 people.

Taking a look at its build, the Oileus XL is made out of 210T Top Quality Diamond-Patterned Polyester. It’s also fitted with durable and unique handled seams to ensure it is water resistant. Besides that, it is also built upon a quality frame and construction for enhanced durability.

Moving on, the tent is fitted with two doors, each with a screen door at the bottom and two mesh windows. The mesh windows feature a solid nylon flap outside. It boosts cross ventilation and ensure the tent stays cool during warm nights without compromising on your privacy.

At the top of the tent, there is also one huge mesh skylight window that allows sunlight to seep into your tent during the day.

Setting up the Oileus XL is exceptionally simple and requires zero tools. All you have to do is toss it out, and it automatically springs into life. There is an instruction manual to get you through in case you find it challenging.

The tent is also shipped with ten guy lines and fourteen stakes. You can convert the window into a rainfly. This is done by hooking up guy lines to the loops below the window flap and fastening them to stakes a short distance from the tent.

Well, other than stakes/pegs, guy lines, and instruction manual there is also a packing bag and a Polyester Roof Cover. The roof cover takes care of that skylight window during rainy days.

Wrapping things up, the Oileus XL packs up into a robust but lightweight disk package. You can easily carry around and for safe storage when you’re not using the tent.


  • Quality and durable build.
  • Quality ventilation.
  • Small packing size.


  • Cannot be used for extreme backpacking.

5. Ozark Trail 10 People Instant Cabin Tent

The Ozark Trail has a floor area of 14 x 10 feet and a 6.5 feet center height. The tent is spacious enough and can be split into a two-room tent using the included removable room divider with each room big enough for a queen size bed.

Each room has its D-shaped door fitted with zippers, which makes the Ozark an excellent tent for couples. However, if you’re using sleeping bags, then the tent can sleep up to 10 people.

Moving on, the tent material is built out of high-quality polyester supported with pre-attached steel poles. Additionally, the tent’s floor is made out of tough polyethylene fabric which is not only durable but can also withstand high traffic.

The tent is also fitted with eight windows to boost ventilation. Furthermore, it includes a rainfly, and its windows are equipped with sealed seams in a bid to make the tent water resistant.

Inside, the tent is fitted with deluxe gear pockets and a hanging gear organizer for you to store your items. There is also a lantern hook at the tent’s apex alongside an electric cable port on the wall.

A closer look at the tent and you’ll notice that the tent is made out of dark fabric -windows and doors inclusive-.

Also, the four skylight openings on the tent’s ceiling are fitted with extra zippered dark panels. This standout Dark Rest technology alongside the floor vents on both sides of the tent, help keep the tent cool during hot days. Besides, it makes it convenient for you to catch a nap during the day.

Setting up the Ozark is pretty simple and takes up roughly two minutes thanks to the pre-attached steel poles. Other additional items shipped alongside this tent include; a carry bag and tent stakes.


  • Dark Rest technology.
  • Instant setup.
  • Spacious.


  • It’s quite heavy.

6. CORE 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent

Starting us off, this 9-person cabin tent boasts of a 6.5-foot center height and 14 x 9 feet floor area, adequate for two queens sized beds.

On the other hand, it can sleep nine people in sleeping bags excluding any extra gear. There is also an included detachable room divider you can use to split the tent into two rooms should the need arise.

Looking into its build and aesthetics, the tent is fitted with one side T-door and a couple of mesh windows spread around the tent.

At the top, the tent is fitted with sizeable mesh ceiling panels that allow sunlight to seep into the tent. Inside there are hanging storage pockets to help keep your gear and other items well organized.

The mesh technology around the windows, door, and ceiling panels alongside the air intake vents on the tent’s floor boost air circulation. This ensures the tent is cool at all times.

The tent features a great design and the characteristic H2O Block Technology synonymous with all CORE instant tents. First, the tent’s seams are heat sealed from the rainfly down to the floor to prevent water from seeping in.

Secondly, the tent’s fabric is water repellent with active bead technology for faster water runoff. What’s more? The tent is also fitted with fully taped rainfly detachable in warmer weather to uncover the panoramic mesh windows and ceiling.

Similar to other instant tents, the CORE 9 Person Instant Tent is equipped with pre-attached telescoping poles. All you need to do is unpack your tent and stretch the poles until they click into positions which will probably take you less than a minute.

This tent is shipped alongside a carry bag to store your tent when you’re not using it. Additionally, you will get tent stakes to help secure your tent during set up.


  • Spacious.
  • Proper ventilation.
  • Features an excellent water-resistant technology.


  • Not enough storage pockets for a tent its size.
  • One door doesn’t seem adequate for a two-roomed tent.

7. Coleman 8 Person Instant Tent

This 8-person instant tent from Coleman has a center height of 6.5 feet and a floor space of 14 x 10 feet spacious enough for two queens sized beds.

The tent is made out of tough Polyguard 2X double-thick fabric with pre-attached steel poles to improve its durability.

At the tent’s halfway point is a detachable room divider to split the tents interior space into two rooms. The tent is also fitted with two doors for easy accessibility. Besides that, there are seven windows spread around the tent to boost air circulation.

Coleman is famous for its high-class Weather Tec system, and this 8-person instant tent is no exception. First, the tent features weather-resistant polyester fabric -zippers included-. Second, the welded floor and inverted seams take care of the needle holes. Prevents rainwater from seeping in while at the same time, making the tent’s floor stronger.

Lastly, the tent’s frame is fitted with sturdy steel poles and guy out triangles designed to make it more wind responsive.

The tent is designed into a dome shape meaning even the tallest guy in the room will have adequate headroom. this coupled with it’s sleeping capacity makes it one of the best 8 person instant tents.

The tent’s curvy shape ensures weight is spread out equally across the poles. It not only makes the tent stable but also makes pitching the tent a simple and straightforward process.

Setting up this tent is simple, and takes a minute. All you have to do is unpack it, spread out the canvas, and finally extend its pre-attached poles until they click into position.


  • Spacious.
  • Easy setup and take down.


  • Its packing weight is quite heavy.
  • Doesn’t have ceiling panels.
  • Its joints and leg hinges aren’t entirely reliable.

8. FiveJoy Instant Pop-up Dome Tent

The FiveJoy Instant tent takes camping experiences to a whole new level by blending a great design with some excellent features. The 2-person tent measures 9 x 6.5 feet with a 4 feet center height with the 1-person tent measuring 8 x 5 feet with a 3.3 feet center height.

First, the tent fabric is water resistant PU coated polyester fitted with sturdy zippers and durable seams. All these is to make the tent waterproof and long-lasting.

Second, are its double doors fitted with a mesh and a nylon flap that improve aeration with the tent while at the same time taking care of your privacy. Also, the two doors boost accessibility for a small tent like this one.

Next on, you can convert your windows into a rainfly or door into a sunshade. You do this by hooking up guy lines to the loops beneath the respective flaps and securing them to pegs/stakes some distance from the tent.

Keeping your tent neat and organized is made easy by the storage pocket fitted within the tent. Besides that, there is a hanging loop to hang your lantern and other extra ones for securing your doors and windows with ties.

Setting up the FiveJoy is very simple, you don’t have to google for instruction videos, unpack it and watch it come to life with the snap of a finger. Consequently, you won’t break a sweat taking it down. When using this tent, the manufacturer recommends using a tent tarp beneath the tent, and rainfly overhead.

So that you know, this tent isn’t ideal for extreme backpacking or use in rough weather conditions.

The tent is also shipped alongside an all-inclusive kit that consists of guy line, tent stakes, carrying case, and tent poles.


  • Instant setup and takedown.
  • Durable fabric.


  • Not adept for use in heavy rain.
  • Doesn’t have a rainfly.

9. Coleman Tenaya Lake 8 Person Fast Pitch Instant Cabin Camping Tent

The Coleman 8-person cabin tent blends in sophistication wrapped around a sturdy and quality build. The tent is quite spacious with a floor area of 13 x 9 feet, adequate to fit two queens sized air beds. Other than that, it boasts of an impressive 6.8 feet center height, making it one of the best 8 person instant tents.

The tent’s internal build is quite appealing. It it is equipped with some impressive features that can take this cabin toe to toe with a regular bedroom.

There is also a removable room divider if you wish to convert the tent into a two-roomed cabin.

First, are the mesh pockets sewn into the tent’s wall so you can stash your items. Moving on, there is a built-in closet which is quite an innovative idea. It is fitted with shelves and hanger bar to store your clothes and other gear that may not fit in the wall pockets.

The Coleman Tenaya Cabin tent has five windows, and one D shaped door. The door is fitted with hinges for easy accessibility. The windows are all meshed with a zippered mesh to allow aeration and protect the tent from rainwater.

A product from Coleman doesn’t miss the characteristic Weather Tec system features. Here in, the tent has its seams inverted to boost weather resistance by hiding the needle holes.

The zipper cuff is also built out of weather resistance fabric to improve durability and make the door waterproof. The tent’s floor is constructed using wielding inspired tech. This is to prevent water from seeping in while also boosting its longevity.

You don’t worry when your kids have a jump around. The tent’s floor is built using polyethylene which is a sturdy material, durable, and capable of withstanding high traffic.

This isn’t an instant tent; however, it’s fast pitch design comes into play during the set up ensuring you don’t spend a lot of time pitching up your tent.

The design includes color-coded poles and a hub at the top of the tent. All you have to do is match each pole to its relative color socket at the center.

Other items shipped along the tent include a wheeled carry bag and reflective guy lines.


  • Excellent weather resistant features.
  • Spacious.
  • Impressive ventilation.
  • The closet comes in quite handy.


  • One door is enough for a tent this big.
  • Lack of floor vents.

10. Wnnideo Instant Family Pop up Tent

The Wnnideo Instant Pop up Tent comes with a handful of smart details and convenient features to make it the perfect family tent and your camping experience smooth. The tent has a floor area of 10 x 7.9 feet and a center height of 4.75 feet.

To ensure the tent is waterproof, it’s made of water repellant fabric equipped with the active bead technology for faster water runoff. Additionally, its seams, windows, and doors are all sealed all with the aim of preventing rainwater from seeping inside the tent.

It also comes with a detachable dome with hooks that protect the rain and a hot afternoon’s sun rays.

The tent is also fitted with two doors and dual windows to boost air circulation within the tent and ensure it stays cool. What’s more, it also has a mesh ceiling for aeration and to allow sunlight to flow in during the day.

A tour inside the tent, you will notice the lantern hook fitted at the tent’s apex and storage pockets sewn onto the wall. This is for you to store your items and help keep the tent looking neat.

Setting up this tent is a simple three-step process of unfolding, extending, and securing. It’s an easy setup to be honest. Its hexagonal shape when set up improves the tent’s stability while also making the inner room wide.

The tent is shipped along with six pegs/stakes and an equal number of guy lines for you to safely secure your tent after setup.

Other than that, you also get one cap and a one nylon backpack for storing your tent when it is not in use.


  • Easy setup.
  • It is lightweight and packs down to a small size.
  • Excellent ventilation.
  • Water resistant.


  • Not sturdy enough.
  • Not ideal for use in rough weather.

Types of Instant Tents

Quick Pitch Tents

Usually, this kind of tents come with a fast pitch design, so you don’t spend a lot of time pitching up your tent. Aside from that, quick pitch tents are slightly heavier and pack down to a significant size.

Pop-Up Tents

Pop-up tents are lightweight, and you’ll probably spend less than a minute to set one up. With just a snap of your fingers, this tent will spring into life. Their packing size is much smaller, and they weigh far much less.

Dome Tents

They are synonymous with crisscrossing poles that converge at the tent’s apex to form a dome shape. Set up and take down is fast thanks to the pre-attached collapsible poles. More so, instant dome tents do not require guy lines.

What to Look for In an Instant Tent

There are a lot of factors that come into play when choosing instant tents for camping. Herein, we round of the most significant aspects you should consider when purchasing an instant tent.


Size is a significant aspect when selecting an instant tent. Most people prefer going for smaller tents because they are easy to pack and lightweight. However, sleeping capacity can help you settle for a large tent in order for everyone to sleep well. This is why the tent size is a very important feature to consider.

Sleeping Capacity

Sleeping capacity of the tent is critical with regards to the number of people you are going camping with. Other than the camping group, you’ll probably need extra room should you be traveling with some pets or extra gear.

Center Height

It is best you go for a tent with a center height that can allow you to stand upright without knocking your head. A tent with a high center will enable you to carry out most activities within the tent comfortably.

Number of Doors

If you are going camping with your family or friends, then a fast pitch cabin tent with at least two doors is the best. Multiple doors ensure that everybody has an easy time accessing the tent.

Rain fly

A rainfly is a waterproof cover designed to protect your tent from rainwater. There are two types of rainflies. One is the roof only rainfly designed to cover just the tent’s roof. The second is the full-coverage that covers the whole tent making it 100% weatherproof.

Tent Stakes and Guy Lines

Many high-quality tents come with a good number of guy lines and tent stakes for you to secure your tent.


When packing for your camping trips, you always want to carry lightweight items. As such, you will want a tent that’s easy to set and pack. When it comes to the instant tent, most are designed by lightweight materials, making them portable.


Versatility goes hand in hand with the build of your tent. Tents build using sturdy fabric are designed for outdoor camping in almost any type of climate.


Some manufacturers always go for not sturdy materials in an attempt to make their instant tents lightweight. This is one thing you should always look out for. What fabric is the tent made of? Check the rainfly, zipper, stakes, and the guy lines. Tents built using sturdier materials could cost a little bit more, but you’re assured of longevity.

Ease of Use

Setting up and taking down your tent shouldn’t be rocket science. Ideally, you want a tent that you can set up under five minutes. Instant tents built using pre-attached collapsible poles are the easiest to set up and dismantle. Additionally, you won’t need any specialized training to set them up.

Tent Material

Rugged fabric with adequate water resistance is always the best. For one, most tents built using robust material can be used in any weather. Secondly, they are durable and can withstand harsh climatic conditions for extended periods.

Venting System

Proper circulation of air is essential, especially during warm weather camping. Most tents do have air intake vents on the floor and roof panels. These will always ensure that your tent is fresh and cool at all times.


In limited spaces having extra storage, pockets are essential, especially if you’re a heavy packer. Most instant tents come with storage spaces on the walls for you to store your items. Besides, you will also find hooks where you can hang items. Typically, this will make your tent look more organized and cleaner.

For additional reading on choosing a tent, check out these comprehensive buying guides:

Frequently Asked Questions

Any extra items needed when purchasing an instant tent?

Most instant tent manufactures ensure they supply most of the items you will need alongside the tent. These may include guy lines, tent stakes/pegs, a rainfly, and a carry bag. However, in case your tent doesn’t come with a rainfly, guy lines or tent stakes it is vital you purchase them before going for your camping trip.

Do I need to waterproof my tent when its new?

Doing so isn’t a must. However, we recommend that you spray a sealant on the outside of your tent for any tent model before you go camping. Watch this video by REI for a better explanation on how to waterproof your tent. Check out this video from REI to learn more.

What is the best way to clean my tent?

Keeping your tent clean at all times is very important. For thorough cleaning just set up your and wash it using water and a soft piece of cloth and leave it out to dry. Do not use detergents or machine wash your tent.

What’s the approximate lifespan of my tent?

Well, other than the fabric used to build the tent, how you store your tent when not using it affects its durability. Ensure you don’t leave it out in the sun for extended periods. As for the exact lifespan, it’s hard to say, but it should serve you for a number of years.

How do I fold an instant tent?

For first-timers, this can be a little tricky. Nonetheless, folding an instant tent isn’t difficult. Grab the top poles -one on the left and the other on the right- and close them together. Make the tent look like a taco and spread it on the ground. Now, fold it into thirds, and you’re good to pack it.

Who makes camp valley instant tent?

CampValley tents are manufactured by CampValley (Xiamen) Leisure Products Co. Ltd.

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