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Cycling To shed Extra Weight

Lately, most people have adopted sedentary lifestyles which isn’t healthy by all means. Additionally, family, work and relationship stress has also worsened the situation. As such, most people rarely find time to work out.

However, all hope isn’t lost. There are a whole lot of activities that you can add to your daily lifestyle to improve your fitness levels. Well, step forward cycling. Cycling is among the best cardio activities that can help you burn quite a number of those extra calories.

It is quite easy to add cycling to your daily routine. The best way to do this is by ditching your car and cycling to and from work, if the distance is feasible. In case you don’t own a bicycle, worry not for there are numerous organizations that offer bike rentals.

Here is how to reap the most out of your cycling sessions

Take it Up As A Hobby

One thing that will make you enjoy hopping on your bike daily for those morning rides is if you enjoy it. This means you will never get bored of it. Additionally, you won’t hit a plateau in your fitness journey. To make it even more interesting, look out for new cycling routes that you can explore. It will give you a chance to explore nature’s as you pedal.

Switch Up the Intensity

High-Intensity Interval-Training is one of the best and effective ways of improving your endurance levels. Just how? When you are cycling, you can switch up your pedaling rate and maintain it for close to 20 seconds or so before slowing down to get a breather and repeating. It is best you do this while on a straight stretch with little or no traffic.

Eat a Balanced Diet

Eat nutrient dense and fiber-rich foods. Eating healthy foods will help in your weight loss process but will also provide your body gets its daily serving of vitamins and other minerals. More so, it will ensure that you lose weight while at the same time building muscle mass.

Team Up With Your Friends or Family

Going out for your cycling session with your family or friends will help create a sense of accountability. If you both have the same goals of living healthier lives, it will make for as a great event. Other than that, it will bring forth moral and social support which is what you need to make the most out of any training regimen.


Stay Hydrated

Before heading out remember to carry your water bottle. Staying hydrated is critical as it helps you recover faster. Additionally, it will prevent you from suffering from muscle crumbs ensuring you are fresh to train the following day.

Expert Advice

Make sure you do a light warm up before cycling. A few light stretches will do the trick to ensure your muscles and joints are well active. Additionally, before completing your stretch, you can cycle at a slow pace to cool down your muscles and trigger active recovery mode.

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