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Easy to Grow Vegetables for Gardening Newbies

I bet growing your own food ranks among the most fulfilling things on Earth.  Other than that, it gives you the opportunity to try a variety of organic foods which you can consume when still fresh. To enjoy said fresh organic foods by growing it yourself, the easiest way is to cultivate your backyard or better yet fill different buckets or jars with soil to set up a mini home garden.

For newbies, growing vegetables is the easiest way to venture into small scale gardening. Settling on the right veggies to grow can be tricky, hence this post. Here are some vegetables that you will find simple to grow and maintain in your garden.


Easy to Grow Vegetables for Gardening Newbies 1

It is one of the most common vegetables that requires minimal gardening skills to flourish in any garden. You can grow them in containers or even hanging baskets.

One important practice you need to observe when growing tomatoes is stalking. To avert this problem, make sure you provide them with the right support to reduce their chances of falling. Stalking also gives room for proper growth. You can use a piece of stick to pull this off, no special equipment is needed.

Tomatoes, like most veggies, are vulnerable to pests, and therefore you need to implement different measures to prevent pests attack. Best bet is to go for organic pest control methods. For instance, you can plant pest repellent crops next to your tomatoes you or for organic pesticides; just search for recipes online.


Easy to Grow Vegetables for Gardening Newbies 2

Cucumbers thrive well when exposed to proper sunlight and under warm temperatures. It is a climber plant, so you need to provide it with the perfect climbing support. Another practice you will need to observe is watering them on a regular basis. That’s all you need to ensure you get those succulent cucumbers.


Easy to Grow Vegetables for Gardening Newbies 3

It is another excellent choice of vegetable you can grow in your garden. They are usually planted in whole, and this is one thing that makes them simpler. The only drawback is they can grow big, and this limits those who are using hanging baskets or containers. All in all, you will get a lot of harvests if you plant carrots in your garden.


Easy to Grow Vegetables for Gardening Newbies 4

There are various types of beans all suitable for your home garden each with their own health benefits. Beans are very simple to plant and take care of. All you should find is the right seeds of the type of bean you want at home. However, beans require close monitoring when growing.

Similar to your cucumbers, there are times you will be required to provide some support to your bean plants to facilitate proper growth. They are not that vulnerable to pests. However, you should weed them regularly and watch out for insects like aphids and seed corn maggots.


Easy to Grow Vegetables for Gardening Newbies 5

It is one perfect source of vitamins that is of high nutritional value. There are a lot of different Lettuce species to choose from for in your garden. You also need to keep a close eye for pests. Using organic pesticides will help keep off these pests.

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