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Fishing Methods You Should Know

For many, fishing is a great pastime activity. Fishing trips can be very entertaining, especially when you are competing who will have the biggest catch of the day. In other areas, fishing is an economic activity. Many will do large scale fishing to sell their harvests to different restaurants or for home consumption. Those doing it for recreational reasons should understand all the basics to get the best catch.

Before heading out for this activity, you should carry the right equipment with you. Of course, a strong and sturdy fishing rod, hooks, and a bait. A freezer box can also come in handy to keep your fish fresh for longer. Another essential device you can carry is a fish finder which will help you locate where there is a lot of fish. At times, you can cast your hook or net in a specific area and get nothing because there are usually no fish in that particular place in the current season. Here is a short video explaining how a fish finder works.

Other than purchasing high end fishing equipment, familiarizing yourself with the right fishing methods is still crucial to a good fishing expedition. Such information can be essential to those trying out fishing for the first time.

Well, here are some of the fishing methods you need to know.


In this type of fishing method, a fishing net is cast into the water from a boat that is in motion near the water surface. You should do so in a systematic manner such that the cast net absorbs more water and looks natural rather than acting like prey. When using trawling you’ll most likely capture mackerels and kingfish. Important to note, is that if you’ve settled for trawling ensure you get the right equipment for the job.

Carry a long and sturdy trawling rod. The same should be with the reels you are going to use. Make sure they are well maintained and firm. You should also use the right bait or lures. This may depend on the kind of catch you intend to have during that day. The lines you want to use for this fishing method should not be stretchable. Make sure they are of the right weight. One great thing about trawling is that you can use it in either deep or shallow waters. Additionally, stick to the right speeds to get the best catch.

Bottom Fishing

Bottom fishing involves dropping your bait in a particular point with a high fish population. This method is simple, only if you follow the right procedures. One thing you need to do is carry the right fishing equipment with you. Additionally, the type of bait you use will most definitely determine which fish species you’ll end up catching.

For this type of fishing technique, you are advised to settle for a fluorocarbon line. Point in case being, fluorocarbon lines are sturdy and very difficult to wear out especially when it lands on the reefs or any rough surface. Also, you need to fit your line with weights so that it can go down smoothly when you cast your net. It is crucial you study the currents to determine which kinds of weights you will use. Always inspect your bait to confirm if it’s hooked properly to prevent fish from getting away with it.

Crank baiting

It is one of the most popular fishing methods out there. Most people prefer it because of its success rate. You will have a big catch with this fishing method compared to others. Things that may determine your harvest in this fishing technique include location and depth of your fishing area. Fishing experts advise you go for a slightly longer rod that is flexible or can bend.

It should also be sturdy to help withstand the resistance from some types of fish. Better yet, go for one with a slower reel which will help you cast your bait in the water with ease. Also, go for a quality line which can withstand the weights of certain types of fish. The rounded bait is the most preferred for this fishing technique. Sharp hooks will also help improve your catch. Additionally, pay close attention when tuning your bait to get the best catch.

Drop Shotting

When drop shotting, you don’t have to worry whether you are fishing in clear or murky waters. The depth of a particular water body does not matter; same applies to the stillness of the water. This fishing method enables one to have a big harvest of various types of fish. Drop shotting involves dropping down your bait slowly in water till you notice some movements on it. Just like any other fishing procedure, you must carry with you the right equipment if you want to have a big catch.

A spinning rod is preferred by many when drop shotting. Just make sure the spinning rod is light and at least 7-foot-long. Going for a lighter kind increase your chances of making good catches. Still on the same, your reel should be smooth to enable you drop and pull back your bait with ease. However, the type of bait you go for can be determined by the kind of fish you intend to catch.

To have a good catch, you are advised to keep contact with the surface below where you have dropped your bait. Also, use the right weights on your cast so that it can easily fall in the water. Keep your bait as exciting as possible to attract more fish. Also, don’t just stick to one spot. If you are unsuccessful in a particular area, you can try out several other places. Nevertheless, keep in mind fishing is not only challenging but also a test of patience.

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