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How to Keep Bears Away from Your Campsite

Camping in the wild makes for an exhilarating outdoor activity. You get to watch and mingle with nature, which is not only entertaining but also therapeutic. Some wild animals such birds can be accommodating enough and won’t mind you setting up a camp next to their habitat.

However, other creatures such as bears are territorial and can quickly turn to ferocious beasts when threatened. Bears, especially those with cubs, are very aggressive and can cause massive harm or even kill you if you happen to be the uninvited guest.

There are different types of bears. Each bear specie has its characteristics; understanding them will help you deal with them better.

Types of Bears

Black Bears

a black bear in a forest

They are the smallest bear species. Black bears are naturally gentle, shy, and will try to avoid contact with humans. Their coats are primarily black, though some have blond or brown fur.

Brown Bears/Grizzly Bears

a picture of gizlly/brown bear

Brown bears are split into two, the grizzly bear and the Alaskan brown bear. They are by far the most dangerous mammals in North America. The Alaskan browns are bigger than the grizzlies. A fully-grown Alaskan bear can measure close to 5-feet when standing on all fours.

Polar Bears

a bear with two cubs

They are common in Arctic regions and are bigger than their relatives, the brown bear. Their coats are mainly white. They are hard to encounter as they spend most of their time sea ice.

Tips to Help Repel Bears

So, how can you keep bears away from your camping spot? Here is how you can keep the bears away from your camping spot.

Use Bear-resistant Food Storage Containers

Food is what usually attracts bears as they can easily detect scents from distances far away. Always make sure all food in the camp is stored in bear-proof containers. It is advisable to ensure that you keep a close eye to all food packs. The same applies to items such as lotions and soaps.

Cooking and Sleeping Areas

When camping, ensure that the cooking area is at least 100 meters from your sleeping area. Also, make sure your sleeping clothes are clean and don’t have any food odor on them. To make this simple, just make sure your sleeping area is cleaned and doesn’t have any left over food littered around. Always remember to clean after yourself, and you will be safe.

Keep the Campsite Clean

The kitchen and human waste should be disposed of appropriately. For kitchen waste, you can store them in bear-proof containers. Human waste should be deposited 200 yards away from the campsite and buried at least 6 inches below the ground.

Leave Your Dog at Home

Dogs are territorial and will always bark to scare away the bear. However, this could trigger the bear into attack mode, which could lead to a serious confrontation or even death.

Bear Sprays and Bear Bells

Bear sprays will come in handy in case of a bear attack. So, you must keep it someplace where you can easily access it. Typically, the spray generates a thick cloud of mist that will keep the bear away and afford you some time to get to a safe distance.

You can also hook a bell onto your backpack. The jingly noise from the bell will help warn bears about your presence allowing them to keep a safe distance from you.

Other helpful tips to help you stay safe from bears are:

  • Avoid camping alone. Bears will avoid confrontations if there are two or more people. Hiking or camping alone can make you an easy target for bear attacks.
  • Getting up-close and personal with bears is a risky affair. Bears are photogenic, but don’t get too excited when you spot one as it may get spooked and attack.
  • Bears have excellent night vision. As such, ensure you have a bright light on when you’re sleeping. This will help limit their vision and keep you safe.

What to Do In the case Of A Bear Attack.

Chances of attacks happening cannot be ruled out. You can take all the precautions but they can still find a way to your campsite. So, what should you do in case an attack happens?

  • Do not RUN AWAY. Turning your back will trigger the bear to give chase, and they’re pretty fast. Instead, face the bear, stand upright, and spread your arms to make yourself appear big. Slowly retreat until you are a safe distance away.
  • Make noise.
  • If the bear is still approaching, use your bear spray before it gets too close. 

Best Bear Sprays

Here are 5 of the best bear spays that you can use to drive away bears if they get close to your camping site.

Image Name Features  
How to Keep Bears Away from Your Campsite 1 SABRE Frontiersman Bear Spray Quantity: 7.9 oz
Max range: 35 ft
How to Keep Bears Away from Your Campsite 2 Counter Assault Bear Repellent Spray Quantity: 10.2 oz
Max range: 40 ft
How to Keep Bears Away from Your Campsite 3 Udap Bear Spray Quantity: 7.9 oz
Max range: 30 ft
How to Keep Bears Away from Your Campsite 4 Guard Alaska Bear Spray Repellent Quantity: 9 oz
Max range: 20 ft
How to Keep Bears Away from Your Campsite 5 Mace Bear Defense Spray Quantity: 9 oz
Max range: 35 ft

We hope this list helps you find an affordable bear spray to keep you safe when camping. Happy camping!

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