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The Best European Countries for Hiking

Hiking is a decent social and physical activity you can try out to break out from your normal daily routine. Ideally, it involves trekking through long distances, especially in hilly or mountainous regions.

One significant benefit of going for hikes is that you get to explore specific natural environment and get to take in what nature has to offer. Due to its active and physical nature, you’ll probably burn a few calories, which will help keep you in top shape. Other than putting your physical fitness to test, hiking also boosts your mental health.

Finding a suitable hiking spot can be challenging at times. Those who have exhausted the appropriate zones in their nations can explore other countries or places. Europe is one continent that will not fail you if you are looking for a great hiking experience.

Here are some of the best countries to go hiking in Europe. Heads up don’t forget to carry your camera!

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The central European country stands out as one of the best hiking destinations for many because of its mountainous nature. One good spot you can go for a hiking expedition in Switzerland is Lauterbrunnen found deep in the Swiss Alps. To sauce it up, the scenic and exhilarating views around also makes it one of the best places to go hiking in this country.

You will have a great experience mostly because of the surrounding environment. It can be a quite challenging terrain for beginners, especially those who can’t stand high altitude. With the amount of thrills that it offers, you should most definitely add this country to your bucket list.

The Best European Countries for Hiking 1
Swiss Alps


It is another country with a beautiful and pleasant locations for a hiking expedition. Some of the best spots you can explore in this country include the rolling farms in Yorkshire and the limestone uplands. You can also take your hiking expedition to the Lake District which has more hills and charging waters. For the best scenery for both long and short distance hikes, you should choose England as your next destination.

The Best European Countries for Hiking 2
Malham, Yorkshire


The Scandinavian country has a lot of beautiful spots you can explore in your hiking expedition. It is famous for its stunning coastal fjords which will give you a great scenic experience. Other good trails you can try during your hiking expedition in Norway include the Besseggen, and Galdhøpiggen found in Jotunheimen and the Trollheimen triangle. You should definitely add this beautiful country to the list of countries you plan to go hiking in Europe.

The Best European Countries for Hiking 3
kalvåg coastal fjord, Norway.


Another Scandinavian nation on the list. Sweden offers scenic views and different trails where you can go hiking. It is best known for the last wilderness in Europe, Lapland, and Sami culture. Some of the best trails you can go for your hiking expeditions in Sweden include the King’s Trail commonly referred as Kungsleden, the Pilgrim Trail also known as Pilgrimsleden and the Emigrant Trail commonly referred to as Utvandrarna.  There are also so many natural environments in this country where you can go hiking.

The Best European Countries for Hiking 4
Kungsleden, Sweden

These are our top picks for best countries for hiking in Europe. Happy Hiking!

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