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Types of Bass Fish: What You Should Know

Anglers in North-American regard bass fish as the most popular game-fish. However, most fishers don’t know that there are different types of bass fish. Catching bass is easy, and with the right fishing tricks up your sleeve, it offers a perfect weekend or holiday getaway activity.

Bass fish are categorized into three major classes: black bass, temperate bass, and the Asian-sea bass. The black bass is the most common type of the three. Here is where it gets even more interesting, under the three major categories are other sub-species which we will take a look at.

Black Bass Types

As mentioned, black bass is the most popular. Let’s delve a little deeper and see the other black bass sub-species.

Largemouth Bass

A Largemouth Bass Fish

Largemouths are an interesting type of carnivorous freshwater fish. They usually feed on smaller fish, insects, snails, and frogs. Largemouths are also known as bigmouth bass, widemouth bass, green bass, or green trout. Typically, females are bigger than their male counterparts.

For one, despite being aggressive, luring this kind of fish is quite challenging. This is what probably led to most fishermen believing it’s difficult to fool a largemouth with the same bait more than once. Seasoned fishers lure largemouths using baits such as plastic worms, live bait such as worms and minnows, crankbaits, or jigs. Be prepared for a struggle, as largemouths don’t go down without putting a fight.

Smallmouth Bass

A Smallmount Bass fish

The smallmouths and largemouths are cousins. They prefer inhabiting colder and brighter waters, more so, lake bottoms, rivers, and streams. Research has shown that they can’t stand polluted waters. Their presence is an excellent natural pointer of a healthful environment.

Smallmouth bass are outstanding fighters and can hold their own in a fight. They often try to dive up in the air to free themselves from captivity. They can be lured using different types of plastic lures, hair jigs, or crankbaits.

Spotted Bass

A Spotted Bass fish
Credit: U.S. Geological Survey Department of the Interior/USGS U.S. Geological Survey/photo by Noel Burkhead/Howard Jelks

They are also known as spots or spotty. They mostly occupy warm water streams that have currents and are a little bit murky. Most people cannot tell the difference between largemouths and spotted bass because their color patterns are almost similar. However, spotted bass has a smaller mouth. Young spotted bass may resemble the smallmouth bass.

Temperate Bass Types

Temperate bass aren’t as famous as the black bass species. However, they are held in high-regard as top-tier sport fish.

Striped Bass

A Striped Bass fish
Credit Tim Van Vliet

Striped bass occupy both salt and freshwaters. They migrate to freshwaters for spawning. Their bodies are silvery with visible stripes running from the back of the gills to the base of the tail.

Yellow Bass

A Yellow Bass fish

They are the smallest species in the temperate bass category. Yellow bass rarely fight back, which we think is because of their small size. They are easy to catch, making them an easy target for beginners. Most people say they are tastier than the striped bass.

White Bass

A White Bass fish

White bass are predatory fish that are well distributed across the USA. They are mostly silver-white to pale green in color. They are not as aggressive as other bass species. Usually, most anglers don’t rank white bass as sport fish.

White bass believe in the power of numbers and hang-out in schools. Most people don’t eat white-bass because they have a very specific taste that needs getting used to, some people love it, some people don’t.

Asian-Sea Bass

Asian Sea bass fish also known as Barramundi

The Asian-sea bass is common in the Northern Australia and other Indo-West Pacific areas. They operate in both salt and freshwaters and are regarded as a sportfish. Their large silver scales tend to change to different shades depending on the environment.

They prefer warmer waters that are either turbid or calm. Another interesting thing about Asian-sea bass is that they are hermaphrodites. Juvenile males later become females after a single spawning season.      

Most people, seasoned fishers included, refer to almost all types of fish as bass. We hope that you now have a clear picture of what bass fish are. Be sure to check out our review of The Best Fly-Fishing Books; therein you will get literature that will transform your fishing skills.

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