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5 Practical Ways to Keep Birds from Eating Grass Seeds

Most people plant grass on their lawns or sidewalks because it offers a cheap yet effective aesthetic solution but find it hard to keep birds from eating grass seeds. Planting grass isn’t an easy task, because grass seeds are always a delicacy for many bird species. In most cases, you end up watering your lawn for days hoping that your yard will soon be dotted with grass seedlings germinating, only to be frustrated by birds. However, worry not, if you’ve been a victim of this before or are planning to plant grass, here is an insightful guide on how to keep birds from eating your grass seeds.

How to Keep Birds from Eating Grass Seeds


wood chip mulch prevents birds from eating grass seeds

Mulching the freshly planted area with hay, straw or even wood shavings will keep the grass seeds safe from the birds until they sprout. Aside from protecting the seeds, mulching does offer a tonne of other benefits to your lawn or garden. That is why it is a common gardening practice. However, once the seedlings germinate, you’ll have to remove the mulch material so that they can get adequate sunlight necessary for their growth.

One thing though, mulching won’t be helpful enough if you rear chicken or any other type of birds that like dirt bathing.

Scarecrows and Bird Deterrents

scare scrow to keep birds from eating grass seeds

Seed-eating birds are always scared of non-familiar objects hovering above them or stuck within close vicinity. You can take advantage of this and set up bird deterrents over the area where you’ve planted your grass seeds.

Pro tip! Ensure that you regularly -after a day or two- switch up the positions of your deterrents. This will always help keep the bird suspicious, scared, and will keep them from eating the grass seeds. Below are some examples of bird deterrents you can shop for.

Aluminum Pans or Old Compact Discs

Birds don’t like objects that shine too much. Additionally, the pans will also make rattling sounds when blown by wind scaring the birds away. Besides, you can also use compact discs to scare the birds since they too reflect a good amount of light.

Helium Balloons

You can purchase these balloons and fasten them on posts within your lawn. Birds and balloons aren’t the best of mates, and your guess is as good as mine, they will be scared away.

Bird Repellent Seeds

What drives birds to eat grass seed is because they taste delicious. Usually, the bird repellent seeds are coated with a unique substance that alters its original taste meaning the birds won’t like it. Instead of going for the regular grass seed try the bird repellent type.

Get Dummy Predators

Birds don’t like being in areas where predators are present, hence a good way to keep birds from eating grass seeds. In this case, you can get rubber snakes or get a fake hawk and perch it up on within the lawn. There are many different types of deterrents and dummies available in the markets that you can use to scare the birds.

However, remember that birds are intelligent animals and if you don’t switch the predator’s positions’ they will soon realize that they are dummies.

Like the deterrents and scarecrows, make sure you change the positions regularly.

Burlap Sheets

Burlap sheets are an excellent alternative to common mulching material. Normally, burlap sheets will allow sunlight and water to pass through to the seeds/seedlings, boosting their growth. Additionally, mulching materials such as straw can be blown away leaving the seeds exposed. However, burlap sheets cannot be carried away by wind meaning your seeds and later seedlings will always be protected.

Final Thoughts

Birds do love grass seeds and you’ll need to be at the top of your game to protect your newly planted lawn. Additionally, the period needed for your grass seedlings to grow may vary depending on factors such as weather, grass species, and soil fertility levels.

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